CCTV Surveillance High Definition, Camera's for all conditions
ACCESS CONTROL Vehicle, Visitor, Tenant & Residential Access
NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION Advanced, cutting edge reliable technology
Facial Recognition Software that works, straight out of the box
GUARD IN A BOX Keeping everyone alert to the situation


Guard In a Box Everyone’s friend, the complete effective solution to your security loopholes.

  • Ensuring quick reaction to activities.
  • Relieving the guard of continual monitoring.
  • Active and accurate reports on performance.
  • Highlights key areas.
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Why people choose us?




Any installation is only as good as its after sales service. The ability to quickly and efficiently rectify a problem is one of our strenghs, combined with our unique logging system, has allowed us to have long term relationships with existing clients.




In order to have the complete solution it is important as a service provider to take the best of all products and to combine these products in order to arrive at a solution unique to each and every customer.




Over time we have developed our own products such as Guard in the box and other products.The ability to take video recording times to new levels as well as some of the new developments with regard to face and number plate recognition and the uniquness of our CCTV installations give us an edge over our competitors.