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website-logoTST has been in operation for over 15years. With over 40 years of technical experience between the 2 members and with experience in all aspects of installations we saw a real need for a technical solution driven based company. Being more technical driven than sales driven and having an intricate knowledge of putting the best products in order to give the maximum solution has helped in fulfilling many a customers requirements.

As a company we have installed hospital solutions, integrated access control, pa systems, gate automation, fire systems, CCTV and many other products.

Our customer base involves installations in a number of African countries and we have developed our own integrated solutions in many instances.

Our passion is shrinkage and security and in both these instances we have had huge success in both the retail, where we have installed systems to reduce stock losses and up productivity as well as systems that we are able to not only provide the best security solutions but installing systems that help security and make there lives easier but also the ability to quickly and effectively monitor them.

Currently we are venturing in to facial and number plate recognition which we believe will play a key part in security and in pilferage in the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Smith - MD.