Guard In A Box


guard-asleepThe system was designed due to the numerous problems relating to security personnel and the monitoring of them along with their duties and the ineffectiveness in the prevention of theft and the fact that there was seldom accountability.

These problems persisted even though we put measures, such as patrol systems, extra supervisors, and extra guards and did more site visits and even devised patrol routes for them. The use of CCTV systems in general to monitor this was time consuming, in searching to see if they were carrying out their duties.

We also realized the difficulty in monitoring large amounts of cameras by a single individual and that in truth, there was very little chance of anyone being able to watch cameras for long periods of time without falling asleep, and with very little exception, one could walk on to just about any site and one would find the guards sleeping.

We also had problems with the shift changes and acknowledging and dealing with events like fire alarms, which we are able to deal with.


The system was designed around making the guards life easier and yet making security more effective. We also looked at ensuring that with one guard we could be more effective than with two. With the Guard in the box we have ensured that we constantly have eyes in place and we put less stress on the guards themselves.

The system works around aggressive motion detection and tools within the system to alert the guard of any activity in areas they need to watch. A loud buzzer is set off when there is motion and security has to acknowledge the alarm. The time and the alarm are also recorded to a text file as well as the acknowledgement of the alarm. Any other devices that need to be monitored will also create text files.

The beauty of the system is the extreme ease in which one is able to monitor the effectiveness of the operation of the security. Within 10 minutes one can see whether a guard has slept or whether he has acknowledged the alarm and what the alarm was for. By clicking on the text file one is able to view the video that is related to the text file.

The system is used on a number of sites and we have used it to sort out major problematic sites with security. This system has been very effective for guards, and where once they had to do regular night visits and send supervisors, this has become a thing of the past.

We have a number of reference sites where the system can be viewed in operational mode.