My name is Lance Hendricks and I am the HR MANAGER for the Perthpark Group Ltd – we are a property development company and we own a various number of buildings in the Western Cape. Some of our buildings include Broad Road Medicentre, Rondebosch Medical Centre, Stonefountain Terraces and Parklands Lifestyle Centre.
TST ( Technical Service Technologies) has been with our group for the past 7 years now and they run all our Security Surveillance systems, our intercom systems, access control systems, DSTV etc for Stonefountain Terrace and both our Medicentre and Hospital in Rondebosch. They are a very reliable and efficient company and their staff and Management are always kind and always going the extra mile for one.
Their after-market service is also excellent and their ability to deal with technical problems is really great. They really have a good technical staff especially their head tech Mark, who is always solving all our problems and technical problems – He is really good at his job and we always recommend him for this.
The head of TST Kevin has also been a pleasure to work with and he has really taken good care of our sites and always kept an eye on our developments and buildings and keeping them intact.
He is always keeping our systems up to date and with the latest technologies out there and we are always happy to deal with him & happy with his work carried out and his ability to go the extra mile and keep us happy with the service rendered from TST.
Our relationship through the years has grown to more from a business relationship to a more open and honest friendship and this has come from years of dedication and proving themselves as a really reliable and dependable and also honest which is mostly important in this industry. We are very happy with the service rendered by TST and their staff and also for their efficient and quick response times to call outs and meeting deadlines and we look forward to many more years having them as part of our group as we grow in this industry.

Lance Hendricks, HR Manager - Perthpark Group Ltd.